About Sadie Martin Media

Storytelling has always been a part of my life in one facet or another. It all started with my love for reading. From a young age I always have loved learning about new characters and why they are the way they are and seeing how their story develops. I read all the romances (any Colleen Hoover fans out there?) Because of my love for storytelling, I love getting to know my couples past the surface of their wedding day.

How did you two meet?

What was the proposal like?

When did you know he was the one?

What do you like to do for fun?

To me your wedding day is much more then event day coverage, it’s a chapter to a much bigger story.

I was always known as the girl who carried her camera around everywhere. Each event or gathering I was snapping photos and taking videos. Some of my favorite captures are ones I know would have been forgotten if I hadn’t captured it with my camera. When I started noticing these fleeting moments and how easily they can be taken for granted and forgotten, it fueled my fire to capture even more.

I followed my passion and studied at Mohawk College for Film and Television . Shortly afterwards I filmed my first wedding and started my business in 2017. I have now created heirloom films for 70+ couples.

I’ve been known as an old soul and will be a calming presence throughout your wedding journey. I will not only capture your wedding day but I will be there to help you through the planning process. If you need vendor referrals, help with your timeline, or have any questions at all, I’m your girl!

I take on a limited 15-18 weddings per year to deliver the upmost service to each couple that chooses to work with me. You will notice my films are bright and true to color to stand the test of time.