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2024/ 2025 Wedding Planning Guide - Hamilton, Ontario

I collaborated with Lindsay of LQ Events to help with planning your 2024/ 2025 wedding in Hamilton, Ontario. We'll go over what items to knock off your wedding planning checklist first, 2024 wedding trends, some mistakes we commonly sees couples make, and of course, figuring out your wedding budget.

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What are the first steps to begin the wedding planning process?

You've said yes. Engagement ring is on. Wedding planning mode activated!

Lindsay: First you need to discuss budget with anyone who may be contributing and create your wedding day guest list- these two pieces of the puzzle go hand in hand and will affect every other aspect of your plans.

Each of you should chat about and write down your biggest priorities/ wishes. Ie. amazing photography, live band, Dress etc. There are huge price ranges for all vendors, a quality vendor will cost more. So vendors that are important to you, you should expect to spend a higher percentage of your wedding budget on them.

Don’t forget to ask anyone who may be contributing significantly about any expectations they may have in regards to inclusions or guest list. It’s best to have these conversations early in order to avoid any surprises along the way.

And, opposite to that, you should discuss the things that may fall lower on your priority list. This will help you stick to budget and allocate your money effectively.

Once you are on the same page with budget, wedding day guest list and priorities, the fun can begin! To stay organzied, I'd recommend having a wedding planning checklist. Having a wedding planning checklist will help you avoid scatter brain and overwhelm when going though the planning process. My type A girlies especially, I'm talking to you!

  1. Start your venue search and hire your wedding planner (these can happen in whichever order feels right for you! I often suggest booking your venue and nailing down your date first!)
  2. Pick and ask your wedding party. There are no rules here. Numbers don't have to be even on both sides. If you have one more bridemaid than your groom has groomsmen, it's no big deal.
  3. Hire the vendors who typically book the furthest out for example; Photography, videography, wedding planner. These vendors can be booked out as far as 12-18 months.
  4. Hire your remaining vendors!

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What are the big budget items when planning a wedding?

Lindsay: Venue/ food & beverage will always take up at least half of the budget Average cost per plate in Canada is $165-$200 depending on location and venue.

Floral design and decor for the wedding day is usually another large piece of the budget, which can be shocking to couples! It's a big piece of bringing your wedding vision to life.

Photography, Videography, Wedding Planner and live band may also be your big- ticket items.

What mistakes do you see couples make when wedding planning?


  1. One big one is just simply not knowing when to do things. A month-by-month wedding planning timeline is a great tool to use when planning to ensure you are staying on track. You can find these online, however, they may vary greatly and may not pertain to your location or exact needs. Reaching out to a wedding planner, even if only to book a consultation, may be very helpful in helping set you up for planning success!
  2. Reaching out to TOO many vendors at once! Don’t overwhelm yourself by reaching out to more than 2 or 3 companies in each category. Make sure you do your research and reach out to vendors who you truly connect with. You can find a lot of information on pricing, services, style etc. through websites and social media. Start there and make notes! Reach out to only the vendors who you love and who seem like a good fit for you!

Lindsay's Favorite Wedding Trends:

A polaroid guest book

Incorporating your fur- babies- whether it be physically or through thoughtful design

Pearls/ Bows

A second bridal look at your wedding reception

Sadie's Favorite Wedding Trends:

Grandma as the flower girl

donut wall or cupcake tier over a traditonal wedding cake

custom vows and/or letters exchanged in the morning (a video must!)

Video by Sadie Martin Media - https://sadiemartinmedia.com/recnt-work/

Lindsay's Take On Wedding Traditions:

I love when couples choose to throw tradition out the window and do their own thing! Weddings have come a long way and I always say that there are truly no rules anymore!

Sadie's Take On Wedding Traditions:

I will always be a sucker for traditional dances. The father daughter, mother son dances have caused me to shed a tear or two behind my camera. Other than that, I always love seeing couples put their own spin on their wedding day and wedding traditions.

What is your one piece of advice for engaged couples when planning their wedding?

Lindsay: Stay true to your self and focus on your priorities. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options and the opinions of what others think. Don’t spend money on things that don’t mean anything to you! Remember what this day is about- YOU two and the commitment you’ve decided to make to one another.

Sadie: Coming from my photography and videography background, my advice would be to make sure you vibe with your photographer and videographer. Hire the team that makes you feel comfortable. You are going to remember how your photo and video team made you feel on your wedding day, and it's a long day! If your consult call feels awkward, your wedding day may feel awkward as well.

About Lindsay and LQ Events

LQ Events is a boutique wedding planning company offering Wedding Management, Design and Full Service Planning to stylish couples in the KW Region, Halton and Hamilton. Owner, Lindsay Quaglia, combines her passion for people, planning and logistics with her down to earth and easy- going personality to give couples a well rounded planning experience. Lindsay will take you from “YES!” to “I Do!” by offering as much or as little support as you need. 

Visit LQ Events on Instagram @lqevents or at www.lqevents.ca to learn more.

Photo by Ariana DelMundo

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About Sadie and Sadie Martin Media

Sadie Martin Media is a wedding videography company offering a boutique experience with a heirloom wedding film as a final product. Sadie is the lead videographer and works with a limited 15-18 couples per year. Customer experience is the most important to Sadie. If you're looking for a film that speaks to you and your spouse as a couple and doesn't feel cookie cutter, Sadie is your girl.

Visit Sadie on IG @sadiemartinmedia or at www.sadiemartinmedia.com to learn more

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