Stunning Elora Mill Wedding


bridal portrait elora gorge

Stunning Elora Mill Wedding

A Wedding by Pearle Hospitality Located in Elora, Ontario.

The Elora Mill Hotel and Spa is a gorgeous wedding location with so much character. The ceremony spot, The Foundry Chapel is just a short walk walk to your reception space, crossing a bridge over the grand river. If you're an adventureous couple, like the two in the film above, you've got to hike down into the Elora gorge for some breathtaking shots.

About The Elora Mill

portrait infront of Elora Mill

The Elora Mill has been renovated to be the perfect backdrop for your romantic, rustic wedding. Former grain store, the mill has been transformed into an incredible space for you and your guests to enjoy. It has the perfect mix of traditional beauty, rich architectural history, and elegence for your wedding day.

The Mill has a few different event spaces. The foundry chapel and the granary building are the two main structures. Inside the granary you will find The Irvine room and the Grand room.

The biggest difference in the reception space rooms is how many guests they can accomadate. The Grand room, the larger of the two, even has access to a rooftop terrace.

My favorite part of capturing weddings at the Elora Mill is the small town feel. As one of Ontario's small town communities, you'll find cobblestone streets, stunning views, and historic architecture. It is truly a pedestrian town.

town of elora mill

Elora Mill Ceremony Space - The Foundry Chapel

the foundry chapel elora mill

The Foundry Chapel can be found right by the Elora Mill's parking lot and overlooks the tranquil grand river. This is where your wedding ceremony takes place. It has tons of natural light and a rustic feel that matches the vibe of the Granary building. I love the grand fireplace. It adds character to the space, and you can't help feeling warm!

The Foundry has the perfect aisle length for you to soak in that moment when the doors open and you see your husband to be. Dream wedding, seriously! You can really enhance the space with floral arrangements as well.

bride down aisle foundry chapel

And the doors! I love that the bride can be totally hidden from guests, it builds so much anticipation to when they are finally opened. You will love this riverside chapel.

Portrait Locations in Elora

Another reason to love the Elora Mill is the opportunities you have for formal photos. The town of Elora is a magical backdrop. Stroll down the pedestrian streets with historic elora on either side of you, take a trip down to the elora gorge (hiking shoes required!), and make sure to snap some shots as you cross the bridge over the grand river to your wedding reception.

You wont want to rush through these locations so making sure you have a timeline that gives enough time is essential. Luckily, the team at Pearle can help in the planning process. They know how much time is needed to get you down to the gorge and back for your wedding reception.

Of course we can't forget golden hour. The golden hour window is my favorite time to walk the streets of Elora. You'll have stunning lighting and the streets will be a little quieter.

streets of elora

Elora Mill Reception Space - The Irvine

The smaller of the two reception spaces located at the Elora Mill. It has large windows overlooking the main street of Elora. This room can hosts up to 90 guests and offers the perfect celebratory ambiance.

Elora Mill Reception Space - The Grand

The larger of the reception spaces located at the Elora Mill wedding venue. It's seating capacity is 200. This room also includes an amazing rooftop terrace. The perfect place to add lawn games or maybe an icecream cart.

I love the addition of the rooftop terrace. It gives you and your guests an option to sneak away from the loud dance party for more intimate conversations. Trust me, your wedding day goes by so fast, squeezing in conversations when you can is the best.

Guest Experience at The Elora Mill

The Elora Mill Hotel is one of 7 venues owned by Pearle Hospitality. They are no stranger to the hospitality industry, having been in the event space since 1936. Fun fact, my mom actually worked for the "Pearle Ciancone" when she was a teenager.

elora mill cocktail hour

The Elora Mill team does an outstanding job of taking care of their couples. You can expect an amazing dinner service. I always look forward to my dinner at any of the Pearle venues.

Their first restaurant, The Ancaster Mill is still a staple in the Ancaster communtity today, along with hosting weddings there as well.

Elora Mill Hotel

An added bonus to considering the Elora Mill as your wedding venue is that you have the ability to book the Elora Mill Hotel for the night before your wedding or the night after. The convenience of getting ready in the morning at your venue is not to be overlooked.

If you have guests visiting from out of town they can choose to book a stay right at the hotel. So convenient!

Elora Mill Wedding

Your wedding at the Elora Mill will be an absolutely incredible experience. The overall vibe, location, and rustic character will make it the perfect setting for your wedding celebration.

bridal portrait elora gorge

This venue was made for the adventureous and in love couple, like Jenna and Spencer, watch their film below:

All photo credit goes to Fox Photography

Video Love Letter captured by Sadie Martin Media, a preferred vendor of all Pearle Venues including the Elora Mill

Want Sadie to film your wedding day? Inquire here:

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