Dyment’s Glen Drummond Farm Wedding


sunset glen drummond farm

A Glen Drummond Farm Wedding

A beautiful summer wedding day at Glen Drummond Farm.

Watch below for inspiration for your own Dyment's farm wedding:

Overview of Glen Drummond Farm

Dyment's farm has been the home of the Dyment Family for six generations. It's on a beautiful plot of land along the niagara escarpment overlooking dundas valley. If you have been dreaming of a stress free day for your wedding, Glen Drummond Farm is the wedding venue for you.

One thing I really love about the venue is they still operate as a farm. You can visit before your wedding day for one of the many seasonal events they run throughout the year, or just pop into their farmers market for fresh produce, pies, or butter tarts.

wagon ride glen drummond farm

I'm a preferred vendor for the farm and spend many weekends capturing weddings. It is always an amazing experience for bride and grooms on their special day.

Bridal Suite

Before waking down the aisle, a suite is available for the bride to hide away from guests. It has amazing natural light and a rustic feel. Perfect for final touches.

bridal suite glen drummond farm

The Ceremony

At Glen Drummond Farm you have a couple options for ceremony sites. My favorite has to be the peak location along the niagara escarpment where Chelsey and Eric decided to marry. Down a dirt path, your guests aboard a wagon, you'll pass rolling fields, multiple gorgeous barn spaces, and a century old farmhouse to your ceremony site.

This ceremony site overlooks the dundas valley. It's seriously gorgeous. You and your guests will love this peak ceremony location.

Dyment's glen drummond farm does have a rain plan. You'll be able to enjoy an intimate ceremony in their indoor space. This is located in the horseshoe open barn where your reception takes place. You'll have rustic charm and romantic edison lighting, to make sure your ceremony is still as gorgeous as ever.

Pictures Around Glen Drummond Farm

An advantage to booking with Glen Drummond Farm is the many locations they have for wedding photos following your wedding ceremony.

You have the option to addon a tour of the property after your ceremony ends for your portraits. This involves a trip around the gorgeous farm fields, making stops along the way. Some of these stops include the peak site, the forest with muskoka chairs, the rolling feilds, and behind the century old farmhouse.

If you decide to not do the tour, this will give you more time to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests depending on how many formal photos you still need to get done.

Without doing the tour you still have so many gorgeous backdrops right around your reception space. With Chelsey and Eric, we snuck away at golden hour to get these gorgeous shots, literally minutes away from the party.

golden hour glen drummond farm

There's rustic farm fencing, big grain silos, and depending on what crop is in season, a gorgeous field backing right onto the sunset.

sunset bridal portraits

As a preferred vendor at Glen Drummond Farm, I'm bias, but you can catch the best sunsets on the farm.

The Glen Drummond Farm Reception Space

The wedding reception space at dyment's farm is one of my favorites across Ontario. It's unique horseshoe style wagon wheel barn gives guests lots to do. When you enter the courtyard, the right side of the barn will be where you have dinner and speeches. The left side is the dance barn.

glen drummond farm courtyard

The courtyard offers firepits, cornhole boards, and a late night poutine truck. This vibe is my favorite. If you want a chance to socialize with your guests the firepits is where you can do that. You'll still be able to hear the music and jump into the dance barn when you want to.

firepit bridal portrait glen drummond farm

The dance barn, located to the left of the courtyard, is where the party will happen. Compared to other venues you wont have to move tables out of the way or wait for a room turnover to get the party started. Your MC will simply ask guests to make their way from the dinner barn into the dance barn.

This is also a great chance to snag a group photo of you and all of your guests.

The Dyment's Farm Food

I can't talk about a Glen Drummond Farm wedding without talking about their amazing in house catering services. You don't have the option to bring in your own catering, but you wouldn't want to. Their talented kitchen team serves delicious farm fresh dinner every time! Did I mention they use all fresh produce and make their own pies?!

fresh pies dyments farm

Their dinner is set up buffet style, serving delicious food and dream worthy pies. As a videographer, what I love about the dinner service is there isn't any waiting between courses or speeches causing dinner to lag on.

Once dinner has been served, the Dyment's staff give about 15-20mins for you and your guests to eat before beginning speeches. You'll be able to fully focus on your friends and family speeches.

Glen Drummond Farm always serves their delicious pies at their pie bar. There is a variety for you and your guests to choose from and they are simply to die for. You're going to love the full pie bar!

By the end of your dinner reception, you and your guests will be full, satisfied, and ready to dance!

Glen Drummond Farm Dance Barn

To end your Glen Drummond Farm Wedding you will have a killer dance party in their dance barn. I love the open air feel. Unlike other venues you wont get that stuffy feeling, it's all open! If you get too chilly head outside to the firepits and make yourself a s'more.

Come 10pm your guests can enjoy the ever popular poutine truck. It's the perfect late night snack to keep you and your guests energized. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Golden Hour at Glen Drummond Farm

My favorite time to take photos and videos. I mentioned it earlier but the farm really does serve the best sunsets. Nothing to block or distract from it, I definitely recommend scheduling out 15-20mins to sneak away for some golden hour time with your photo and video team. Be like Chelsey and Eric.

sunset glen drummond farm

The Wedding Day At Glen Drummond Farm

From start to finish you'll be taken care of. From booking your wedding package, having your dream wedding ceremony, wagon rides, full bellies after your delicious dinner, and an incredible dance party, you truly will have the best wedding.

All photos captured by M+M Photo https://mandmphotography.ca/

Video Love Letter by Sadie Martin Media https://sadiemartinmedia.com/

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