Glen Drummond Farm Wedding


Wedding ceremony at the peak site at Glen Drummond Farm

A Real Wedding At Glen Drummond Farm

Looking for a dance barn, gorgeous farm fields, and dream worthy pies? Dyment's Glen Drummond Farm is the venue you!

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Upon arrival Lindsay and Cooper's family enjoyed a wagon ride to the jaw dropping peak ceremony location. In my opinion it's not a Dyment's farm wedding without the wagon rides!

At this outdoor venue you can enjoy rustic farm fencing overlooking multiple gorgeous barn spaces (have I mentioned the delicious farm fresh dinner? I'm getting ahead of myself).

Let me outline the different spaces Glen Drummond Farm has to offer:

Wedding Ceremony Spaces

This Ontario venue offers three different ceremony locations; two outdoor ceremony sites and one indoor space.

The Peak Site (Outdoor Location)

Wedding ceremony at the peak site at Glen Drummond Farm

Photo Credit: Rose Quartz Imagery -

This location is where Lindsay and Cooper chose to have their ceremony at Dyment's Glen Drummond Farm.

After greeting guests in the welcoming space, everyone hitched a wagon ride from the wagon wheel barn to the peak site.

On the way they passed the stunning century old farmhouse where the Dyment family still reside.

Along the ride, guests can expect to pass rolling fields that are sometimes a host to pumpkins, corn, or sunflowers depending on the time of year.

The peak site offers breath taking views over Dundas Valley and an overall amazing experience from start to finish.

The Lawn Site (Outdoor Space)

Another outdoor ceremony space offered at Glen Drummond Farm. This ceremony site is set against rustic farm fencing overlooking the rolling fields of Dyment's.

As opposed to your guests taking a wagon ride to the ceremony site, this outdoor space is located conveniently very close to the wedding reception space, only a walk away.

The Wagon Wheel Barn (Indoor Space)

This indoor space is typically used in case of inclement weather. It can still be used as a first choice if the outdoor spaces aren't right for your wedding ceremony. You will recognize this space as it is also a piece of the horseshoe open barn that hosts all the wedding receptions at Dyment's Glen Drummond Farm.

The Portraits

The Peak

Obviously the peak is an amazing spot for portraits. I always find the lighting is just right and you can't beat the Niagara Escarpment background.

Farmers Fields

The heart of Glen Drummond Farm is the fields. Depending on the time of year you'll have different crops to work with as backgrounds.

Did you know Glen Drummond Farm is still a functioning farm? What you see on the farm is no smoke and mirrors, you can actually purchase fresh produce depending on the season at their onsite market. 

bride and groom walking next to sunflowers

Photo Credit: Rose Quartz Imagery -

I'll get into the food later but each wedding package with Glen Drummond Farm includes their talented kitchen team and a full pie bar. Talk about a stress free day!

Wagon Wheel Barn and Century Old Farmhouse

Personally, I love the rustic look of the barn structures on the Glen Drummond Farm property. On Lindsay and Cooper's wedding day we snuck away at golden hour and got some gorgeous moments captured against the many barn outbuildings around the property.

The Wedding Reception

The Lighting and Backdrop

As a videographer this is one of my favourite parts about Glen Drummond Farm. With the barns being open there is always a perfect amount of natural light peaking through. On top of that they have romantic Edison lighting throughout the barns to add that little twinkle to your evening.

reception space at Glen Drummond Farm

I also love that where the speeches take place you can always see the stonewall behind the podium. It adds a layer of texture to any photo or video clip and once again adds to the rustic, barn vibe of the Dyment's Farm.

Catering Services

As a wedding guest, I can bet this will be their favorite part of the wedding day. Being a fully functioning farm, Dyment's Glen Drummond Farm has taken it a step further by offering full in house catering services (delicious food!).

pie bar at glen drummond farm

The talented kitchen team offers a delicious farm fresh dinner and a full pie bar for dessert.

This venue doesn't stop there though, your guests can also enjoy a late night poutine from the ever popular poutine truck. Oh! And don't forget s'mores by the open fire pits in the central courtyard!

Dance Barn

What is very cool about Glen Drummond Farm is your dinner and dancing happen in two different locations separated by the central courtyard.

sunset over the courtyard reception at glen drummond farm

Photo Credit: Glen Drummond Farm -

This means you can chat and mingle at the fire pits without having to yell over the music or you can dance the night away in the dance barn. It gives the perfect mix for your guests.

Is Glen Drummond Farm For You?

If guest experience is important to you then I would highly suggest touring Dyment's Glen Drummond Farm. If you're looking for a laidback atmosphere that is still a top quality experience then this farm is for you. With it's stunning ceremony spot, delicious food, and top quality service from their team, you're guaranteed to have a stress free day. As a born and raised country girl this venue brings me so much joy every time I get to film a wedding there.

If you enjoyed Lindsay and Cooper's wedding film, inquire to Sadie here:

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