Stunning Wedding At The Pearle Hotel and Spa


A Real Wedding At The Pearle Hotel and Spa

Along the Burlington waterfront, at the stunning Pearle Hotel, Dina and Rachelle got married.

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The Pearle Hotel and Spa Overview

brides posing in the northshore room at the pearle hotel in burlington

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If planning your wedding, the event space at the Pearle Hotel and Spa should be on your radar for the property amenities alone. Just off of Lake Ontario, the Pearle Hotel gives a classic and luxurious feel with it's on site spa, valet parking, stunning views, and overall great location.

Pearle hospitality is no stranger to the wedding space, boasting 7 unique properties in Ontario, you can rest assured you're in good hands.

At The Pearle Hotel venue, there are two different reception spaces to choose from, the Edgewater and the Northshore room. I'll go into more detail on the differences between the two later on.

One thing I really love about this hotel is it was created with weddings in mind. There are some unique areas that serve as great photo locations.

You can also choose to get ready onsite in one of their suites.

Getting Ready at The Pearle Hotel

A Suite At The Pearle

Dina and Rachelle had a gorgeous suite at the hotel to get ready in before their ceremony. It made for such a stress free day being onsite.

As a videographer I truly loved the room Dina and Rachelle got ready in. Many times, hotel rooms can be a challenge for your photo and video team to maneuver.

They can be dark, not very spacious, and always have distractions in the background; add a makeup artist and hair stylist into the mix and it can get busy and crowded very quickly!

This room had tons of natural light, an amazing view of the waterfront, and classic furniture to work with. It's clear the details were not overlooked.

We were even able to have Dina and Rachelle's first look in the suite, the wall of windows and dividing wall made for a very neat shot.

brides waiting for first look in hotel suite

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A Pearle Hotel Wedding Ceremony

What to Expect

Dina and Rachelle had a family friend sing while guests were arriving. It added such a unique touch to their wedding day. Love it!

woman singing during ceremony at pearle hotel

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The ceremony space at the pearle hotel has a clean and classic look. Want a stress free vibe? Allow the Pearle team to plan and organize the details of your vision, including handling the Officiant, signing table, recorded or live music for the guest arrival, etc.

ceremony space at the pearle hotel

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Reception at The Pearle Hotel and Spa

The Reception Spaces

Don't get overwhelmed with choosing a room. The pearle hotel spa team have tons of experience in planning weddings and will be able to guide you with your event. Below is a quick description of each room.

The Edgewater Room

The edgewater room has a seating capacity of 350, the larger one of the two. This room offers a waterfront view and has a gorgeous 16ft ceiling. This room has a lake view, you'll be able to see the south facing side of Lake Ontario.

The Northshore Room

This is the room Dina and Rachelle picked. The seating capacity for this room is 170. It has great natural light. Overall the room offers neutral tones with bronze accents, a perfect canvas to add your personal touch to. If you want to see the lake, the windows offer a west facing view of Lake Ontario.

The northshore room at the pearle hotel and spa

photo credit: Lindsay Coulter Photography -

Little Details I Loved About Their Wedding at Pearle Hotel

First Look

Having a first look allowed us to get some of Dina and Rachelle's portraits done before the ceremony so we didn't feel rushed during cocktail hour. The two of them also got to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests which is a bonus!

Booking a Room with Pearle Hotel Spa

It truly created a stress free day having Dina and Rachelle get ready at the hotel. They could call the front desk and talk to the pearle team if needed and the suite they booked had the same classic look as the rest of the wedding spaces at the pearle hotel. It created a really cohesive look for their day.

Pre-Ceremony Entertainment

I loved how Dina and Rachelle had a professional singer perform while their guests arrived and got seated. It set the tone for their ceremony and was truly a magical touch.

The Dinner Service

Like I said earlier in this post, the Pearle team are very experienced in hosting wedding events with their 6 other Ontario venues. Their food is always topnotch.

As a videographer who works all wedding day, I am always looking forward to dinner hitting my plate! I can say it truly never disappoints at Pearle venues.

The Views

The great thing about having the Burlington waterfront in the Hotel and Spa's backyard is we were able to add some variety into the shots with Dina and Rachelle.

Guests can also enjoy exploring further then just the hotel. If they're getting bored during cocktail or just want to take a bit of a walk, the Lake Ontario waterfront is mere steps away.

Is The Pearle Hotel The Spot For Your Wedding?

If you're looking for a venue that is classic and elegant, pearle hotel may be for you.

If you're looking for a inclusive venue that can offer you a spacious place to get ready, a ceremony space, and a reception space, the pearle hotel and spa could be the one for you.

If you're looking for an experienced wedding team that knows what it takes to put on amazing events, the team at Pearle may be for you.

If you enjoyed Dina and Rachelle's wedding film and would like to inquire with Sadie, click here:

The Pearle Hotel and Spa is one venue of many that Pearle Hospitality hosts. If you'd like to browse their other venues in the GTA you can do so here:

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If you loved the photos throughout this post, check out Lindsay Coulter Photography here: She is a preferred vendor of Pearle Hospitality.

exterior of the pearle hotel and spa at night

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