Wedding At The Lakeview By Carmen’s


A Timeless Wedding At The Lakeview by Carmen's

Are you wondering what the experience is like to get married at The Lakeview in Hamilton? I'll share with you Kary and Tom's classic wedding day.

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The Lakeview - Carmen's Group

Wedding Day Overview

bride and groom walking waterfront

The lakeview has a way of making it feel like you're on a destination wedding right in your backyard! With the event space backing onto Lake Ontario, you and your guests can take in the beautiful beach along Confederation Park, while keeping it close to home, a mere 45mins from Toronto and Niagara.

On a clear day you can gaze right across the lake and see the Toronto skyline. The lakeview offers 3 different inclusive wedding packages: The ceremony, the intimate, and the infinity.

These packages are outlined here:

To sum up the packages, depending on what you pick, a lot of the smaller details of your reception can be taken care of; such as a customized wedding cake, a late night buffet, a fully decorated ballroom, and even a honeymoon suite at Carmen's hotel!

If you're looking for a laid-back, stress-free planning process, this is for you.

This venue is owned by Carmen's group, which are no strangers to event spaces, owning the Hamilton Convention Center and Carmen's Banquet Hall.

Wedding Ceremony

This venue offers 2 ceremony locations, an outdoor beach location and an indoor space on the second floor facing Lake Ontario.

Beach Ceremony

Dreaming of intimate ambiance on the waterfront? Enjoy a beach ceremony at the Lakeview. It's a short walk from the main building which will host your cocktail reception and dinner reception.

Just note that between the main building and the beach front you cross a public walkway (confederation park). It can be quite busy on good weather days. This isn't a private area, so although it's picturesque, if you want a more private ceremony I would suggest the ballroom.

The Ballroom Ceremony

bride and groom wedding ceremony at the lakeview

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This ceremony space is converted into your reception space during cocktail hour. 

It offers stunning to the ceiling windows, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and neutral tones to easily add your own style to. The windows face the lake which is the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

If opting to use this ceremony space, The Lakeview team will quickly turn the room around during cocktail hour so it is all ready for your reception.

Portraits During Cocktail Reception

For the Guests

Following Tom and Kary's ceremony, guests made their way downstairs where they enjoyed drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

This is a unique adjoined cocktail reception space. Your guests are able to stay inside or pop outside to a terrace.

guests on patio outside the lakeview

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As a videographer I love the inside/ outside cocktail lounge. It never feels cramped and guests can find a seat or stand where they feel the most comfortable.

For the Couple

Typically cocktail hour is used as a time for couple portraits, bridal party photos, and family photos. It can be an overwhelming and busy hour!

Kary and Tom expressed that they wanted to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests. How we made that possible is before the ceremony they shared a first look at Dundurn Castle.

bride and groom posing by Dundurn Castle

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Following their first look we got a lot of their portraits out of the way and all of their bridal party photos done.

Doing this made for a stress free reception and gave us a little buffer incase things didn't run on time.

Once cocktail hour began, we got family photos done and then Kary and Tom had the rest of the time to mix and mingle with their guests.

groom talking with guest at cocktail hour

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The other nice thing about getting some photos done before the ceremony is it gave Kary and Tom a different background then just the Lakeview and the beach. Dundurn Castle has a different vibe with more architecture and greenery to work with.

If you're interested in getting photos done at Dundurn Castle, head to their website to book a photo permit:

The Wedding Reception

An unforgettable celebration

The Space

reception space at the lakeview by carmen's

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The reception space is located on the second floor of the Lakeview. As I mentioned above this room can also be used as your ceremony space if you'd like to.

The ballroom features a private balcony. This is my favorite place to sneak couples away during golden hour. Golden hour gives a beautiful glow over the shores of Lake Ontario and the balcony is a perfect spot for intimate portraits.

bride and groom kissing on balcony at the lakeview

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The Food

You and your guests can expect to enjoy a 4 course meal: a salad, a pasta dish, a choice of chicken, beef, or pork as an entree, and lastly a dessert.

Remember I mentioned the all inclusive wedding packages? Depending on your package you can also have a late night buffet for you and your guests to enjoy!

The Dance Floor

The Lakeview offers in house DJ services as a package add-on, once again one less thing you would have to worry about finding!

Kary and Tom were all over the dance floor and it made for such a fun end to a great wedding day.

bride and groom dancing

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A tip for my brides: If you want a busy dance floor, get you and your new hubby out on it early. Your guests will flock to where you are, so take 15-20mins and help warm up the floor!

In Conclusion - A Lakeview Wedding

As a videographer I feel the Lakeview is Hamilton's hidden gem for the laid-back bride. If you want a wedding venue that is going to check the dreamy, location box while also providing great inclusive wedding packages, you should book a tour.

You can learn more about The Lakeview here:

All photos were captured by Amos Photography -

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